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Words That Warm the Cockles of My Heart

Since 2017, I’ve worked on short- and long-term projects for over 100 businesses of all sizes, in many different industries, and from all across the world. 

Here, you can find some of the feedback I’ve received over the years. As you’ll see, there’s a red thread that runs through all of the testimonials.

It comes down to communication, quality, research, timeliness, and friendliness.

I’ve enjoyed working with each and every one of these clients, and I hope to work with many more.

Maybe you?

“Frederik helped us create financial content for our blog. Highly recommend him”


Nika Zaridze, Growth


“Frederik just knows what to do and when to do it. Awesome to work with. Expert in his field. Will work with him again.”

brett quinn

Brett Quinn, CEO


“Frederik is an amazing copywriter! He asks the right questions to make the project outstanding.”

Jakob Jakubov

Jakob Jakubov, CPO

Get Your Sports

“Great work! Continuing to work together on a larger scale!”

Edvinas MacIulaitis

Edvinas Maclulaitis, Head of Product


“This is our third time working with Frederik and he has always delivered quality work on time. Thank you!”

Apple Ko

Apple Ko, Content Marketing & Partnerships Manager


“Frederik completed the content writing assignment to an excellent standard. He was organised and communicative through the whole project, always keeping me up to date on what stage he was at. Look forward to working with him again!”

Georges Petrequin

Georges Petrequin, Founder


“Frederik quickly understood our audience and what we needed out of our blogs. He does good research beforehand and delivers relevant, engaging content!”

Jenny Jones

Jenny Jones, Marketing Manager


“Frederik has helped us immensely with our blog content and has shown excellent professionalism. He is very easy to work and communicate with, and the quality of his writing and understanding of SEO is top-notch. Would greatly recommend him and will definitely work with him again on upcoming projects!”

Erika Azuma

Erika Azuma, Performance Marketing Manager

Spider AF

“Frederik was awesome to work with! Highly recommend.”

Daniel Jakaitis

Daniel Jakaitis, Founder


“Been an amazing experience will definitely hire in the future when we need more content.”

George Younan

George Younan, State Manager

Storm International

“Frederik is a very experienced SEO focused content writer, quick to understand briefs, and always completes work to deadlines. Easy to work with and a good communicator. I would definitely hire Frederik again.”

Eamonn Curley

Eamonn Curley, Content Editor & Manager


“Great communication and understanding of the subject matter.”

Jason Shiers

Jason Shiers, Founder & Director

Prevention Digital

“Frederik is a good writer who always delivers on time and follows directions. He has written a number of rather technical marketing articles for us. When I do as for revisions, he does them very well and answers any questions. If he does not agree with a comment, he lets me know why, and I very much appreciate that. I highly recommend him. When we have need of more writing, I will not hesitate to rehire him.”

Deborah Kurfiss

Deborah Kurfiss, Content Marketing Director


“Frederik was terrific. He is a clever guy who knows his stuff, and is is very good at what he does. He is very responsive, does what he says he is going to and performs the work at a high level. I highly recommend him and will be working with him again in the future.”

Kain Vodic

Kain Vodic, CEO & Founder

Marketing Catalyst

“Great work and communication. Pleasant to work with!”

Sofia Arkomdhon

Sofia Arkomdhon, Global Marketing Partnerships Manager

Marketing Zipmex

“We’re very happy with Frederik. He was the only writer who understood our voice and was able to write for our audience. This is very important when you’re trying to write for a brand and connect with their audience in a way that makes them relate to you. His research and presentation of the content was excellent and there was very little editing to do. We would recommend him. We would use him again and again for all our writing projects.”

Dawn-Marie Nesbitt

Dawn-Marie Nesbitt, Founder & CEO

Digital Age Full Throttle

“Frederik was great to work with – exceptional communication skills. He was very professional, friendly, and responsive throughout the engagement. He’s a great content writer and we plan on using him for future projects.”

Emily Sander

Emily Sander, Chief of Staff

fusionZONE Automotive

“Frederik has been diligent and punctual, easy to communicate with!”

Eddy Travia

Eddy Travia, CEO

Coinsilium Group

“Frederik is very friendly and made changes to all our comments. He is open to feedback and provides instant changes. Easy to work with, great quality. Highly recommend.”

Yasi Zhang

Yasi Zhang, Founder & Creator

Fast Track Podcast

“Frederik exceeded my expectations and wrote us a great article. I would highly recommend him and will be hiring again.”

Laura Benjamin

Laura Benjamin, Owner


“Frederik supported us for an SEO content writıng project. I enjoyed working with Frederik and will likely have additional jobs for him in the future.”

Adriana Stein

Adriana Stein, Founder & CEO

Adriana Stein Marketing

“Frederik was dependable and responsive. We needed to churn out content fast and he delivered.”

Sion Lawrence

Sion Lawrence, Head Of Marketing


“Frederik is not only a copywriter by virtue but also a true professional! He really understands the psychology of selling and uses emotional triggers in his copy. Moreover, he was highly responsive, asked a lot of questions, did thorough research and put together factual content. Thank you!”

Amitay Maman

Amitay Maman, Managing Director

ABM Services

“Delivered great work over a long period of time. Highly recommended!”

Håkon Lilleberg

Håkon Lilleberg, Co-Founder


“Amazing communicator and fast delivery. I would definitely work with again.”

Jeri Toliver

Jeri Toliver, Owner

Flyy Credit Solutions

“Absolutely recommended! Frederik was responsive and created creative texts for our new website.”

Nadine Kolbe

Nadine Kolbe, Co-Founder

Ding Dong AB

“Great guy. Great job!”

Greg Dewald

Greg Dewald, Founder


“Great writer, will be using again for email follow up sequences and many other projects.”

Jared Esguerra

Jared Esguerra, Founder

Mine The Future

“Frederik was an excellent hire! Not only was he personable and easy to work with, he is very professional, skilled and reliable. I look forward to working together again soon.”

Ruby Sohi

Ruby Sohi, Director

Royal Blue Events Management

“Frederik has been writing articles for our blog since February 2019. The job required him to learn and follow an extensive style guide, deliver well-researched long-form content, and work directly within our WordPress environment to get the articles ready for publication. Working with Frederik has been an overwhelmingly positive experience. He learned the ropes quickly and consistently delivered his work on time. Frederik’s articles were always polished and ready for publication, typically requiring only minor edits (if any). Frederik clearly does his research prior to writing: His posts are well structured and sufficiently backed up by external sources. He also has a knack for visual layout, so his articles are easily skimmable and use lots of headings, bullet lists, images, and spacing to break up the flow. When it comes to speed of output, Frederik is a machine. He’s capable of producing lots of content quickly without sacrificing quality. He’s a self-starter who’s equally comfortable following a detailed article outline and going on as little as just a post title or focus keyword. In the few cases where his deliveries require further work or adjustments, Frederik always responds positively to constructive feedback and makes sure to deliver according to our expectations. Beyond all of that, Frederik doesn’t treat his deliveries as “just another task to get off the ‘to do’ list.” He asks questions about our business and proactively comes up with suggestions for article topics and marketing ideas. With Frederik, you’re not just hiring a writer, you’re hiring a truly involved member of your content team. Over the years, I’ve worked with a few dozen content writers on Upwork and Fiverr. I can say with absolute certainty that Frederik is a rare find.”

Daniel Gniazdo

Daniel Gniazdo, Head of Content


“Wow! Frederik is such a pro. He did everything I asked and more. I have hired a few writers on Upwork, but he did the best out of them all. He makes some of the others look like amateurs. He is also an expert at SEO. I would definitely recommend him and hire him again!”


Jeffrey Kopitz


“Frederik is awesome, what we liked the most is his willingness to take the time to understand the audience.”

Abs Farah

Abs Farah, Founder


“Frederik is an excellent writer, very thorough with research, and quickly provides SEO-based blog posts that are formatted properly. We will definitely hire him again when the need arises. A rockstar copywriter!”

Nemanja Zunic

Nemanja Zunic, Founder & CEO


“A pleasure to work with! High quality work and regularly exceeds my expectations.”

Alex Dabek

Alex Dabek, Founder


“Awesome freelancer, I 100% recommend Frederik and his team.”

Sofian Saoudi

Sofian Saoudi, Founder


“Excellent writer. Understands complicated product features. Highly recommended. Superb quality of work. Always on time and very cooperative. This is our third project together and will continue working on more content again.”

Jenny Schneider

Jenny Schneider, Marketing Content Manager


“It was a pleasure to work with Frederik.”

Julien Demoor

Julien Demoor, CEO


“Frederik was a joy to work with, and his writing was perfectly aligned with our expectations. Will work with him again!”

Nicolas Deville

Nicolas Deville, Founder

Office Bots

“Job was done proficiently and professionally.”


Lorenzo Bonzi, Digital Marketing Manager

Wicked Lasers

“Frederik has played an instrumental role in helping us develop a highly successful blog to over 20k monthly users. We love his high charismatic writing style and so do our subscribers.”

Karine Janho

Karine Janho, Chief Marketing Officer

Roadie Music

“Frederik was very knowledgeable and very prompt with his work!”

Amy Dano

Amy Dano, Director, Client Experience & Operations


“Absolutely stunning work, and a top-notch A player. Frederik took our content to the next level. His team does amazing work with in-depth research and captivating writing to keep readers interested!”

Connor Corkrin

Connor Corkrin, Chief Operating Officer

Contractor Independence Marketing

“Good writing, and dependable communication. Frederik was a great addition to this project, and we’d be happy to work with him again in the future.”

Robert Kuhns

Robert Kuhns, Owner

RCK Publishing

“Top-quality writer and I will definitely be using his talents again”

Trevor Stronge

Trevor Stronge, Founder & CEO

Stronge Plumbing

“Frederik was a pleasure to work with. We initially spoke via messenger then had a video call where he was able to show he understood the project and how he could assist. He provided emails that were extremely impressive and exactly what we needed. We are going to be working with Frederik a lot more!”

George Linf

George Linf, Founder

George Linf

“Frederik was very easy to work with and put a lot of emphasis on the strategy behind content which is a welcome change. He communicated very well and met all deadlines. He’s a good resource for SEO, keyword targeting, and content.”

Sabina Hahn

Sabina Hahn, Content Strategist

Beacons Point

“Rapid, reliable, and professional. A real pleasure to work with.”


Andrea Rossi

ICS Industrial

“He was professional, delivered everything in a timely manner, and made adjustments according to my feedback with a clear understanding of my requests. Thanks Frederik!”

Amanda Herzog

“Frederik has written several articles for us, and each one is creative and unique. He consistently adds layers of keywords, links and promotes our products so they get results! Communication is always good. I greatly appreciate this working relationship! Frederik produced several blog posts for two of my companies. He always finished ahead of schedule, communication was great, and the articles were excellent! Looking forward to working with Frederik again soon.”

Shane Moore

Shane Moore, Executive Director


“Frederik did an excellent job creating blog content for our client. He was easy to work with, professional, and delivered high quality work.”

Dan Cassidy

Dan Cassidy, Founder

Brandhopper Digital

“It went great and Frederik delivered a great piece of writing ahead of the due date!”

Paul Czepiga

Paul Czepiga, Owner

Hire Standard Staffing

“Awesome work. He was able to not only do effective copywriting but also for our style and easily pivoted!”

Adam Hepburn

Adam Hepburn, Director

Viasox Limited

“Thank you so much Frederik! It was an absolute pleasure to work with you. I truly appreciate the effort and hard work you put into this project. I look forward to working with you again!”

Ricardo Ospino

Ricardo Ospino, Owner

Ospino Engineering

“I had a great experience with Frederik! Hard working, great communicator, and awesome result.”

Thomas Gorczynski

Thomas Gorczynski, Co-Founder


“Great writer and very friendly. Thanks, Frederik, for your talent.”

Callum Armstrong

Callum Armstrong, Managing Director

Manuka Essentials

“Frederik is one of the most well organised and thorough freelancers I have ever hired. This guy is the king of copy. If you want articles, emails, web copy, sales copy… ANY copy. Go with this guy. He is the best! Worth every penny. I will continue to use him all the time.”

Martin Niedenfuhr

Martin Niedenfuhr, Founder​

Total Reviews

“Frederik is a rare find: awesome writing skills, dedication, and depth of knowledge about what it’s like to be a perfect freelancer. Highly recommend!”

Lara El Sergany

Lara El Sergany, Content Manager


“Frederik is an amazing writer and gets the content right the first time, every time. Would recommend!!”

Matt Alchin

Thomas Matt Alchin, Director of Operations

Online Marketing Gurus

“Great content writer. Highly recommended. Frederik is our go-to for content and copy writing”

Jenny Schneider

Jenny Schneider, Product Development for E-Commerce

Media J

“Great to work with, will be hiring again in the future.”

Steven Makari

Steven Makari, Director

Ivory Media

“Frederik was great to work with and will definitely be working with him again. He is very experienced and knowledgeable and had great suggestions. He definitely knows what he’s doing and is very professional. He was was able to write to our target customers’ tone perfectly.”


David Wheeler, Sales & Operations

Mark One Manufacturing

“It’s been fantastic working with Frederik. Highly recommended”


Waigwa Gatamu, Founder


“A fantastic freelancer. Best of breed on Upwork. Love Frederik and his skills. A++++”

Erling Andersen

Erling Andersen, CEO

Journey Group

“Very talented author. It was a pleasure and I’m looking forward to working with you together again in the near future. Excellent work as always, thank you!”

Benjamin Schardt

Benjamin Schardt, CEO

ever-growing GmbH

“Frederik delivers consistent high-quality content, on time and within specifications. I can highly recommend working with him!”

Frank Hartkopf

Frank Hartkopf, Managing Director

Frankcontent Ltd

“Frederik revised and optimized several blog articles for us. He knows a great deal about SEO, communicated frequently throughout all our projects, met all of his deadlines, and was very open to feedback.”

Bree Weidman

Bree Weidman, Content Marketing Supervisor


“Frederik is a great writer. He wrote about topics that are not always easy to cover. I would be happy to be working with him again.”

Lyte Povel

Lyte Povel, Project Manager


“Frederik writes very engaging articles. He’s also very responsive. Will definitely consider his services in the future.”

Nathan Thomson

Nathan Thomson, Managing Director

PPR Media

“Superb writing skills, quick turnaround, awesome communication, and brought a lot to the table for these blogs. He knew exactly what we were looking for. Overall, very professional and experienced. Will work with him again!”

Jessica Barrera

Jessica Barrera, Digital Marketing Manager


“Frederik was a pleasure to work with. He is in high demand so a tip is to get him clear outlines/expectations well in advance to give him the time required to meet your company’s deadline. Great communicator.”

Carolyn Gaidos

Carolyn Gaidos, Owner & Chief Creations Officer

The Freezing Point

Over the past few months, I have had the pleasure of working with Frederik on several projects for our company, and he is one of the best creative copywriters I have ever encountered. Creativity, attitude, and easy communication make him a great team player. Having him on board would be a great benefit for any organization! Thank you for the great work and efforts. Keep it up 👍


Aviram Kadosh, Co-Founder & CEO

Envirosmart Solutions