Episode 5 – Ash Smith

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Ash Smith is a business, sales, and personal development coach who helps founders and CEOs take their game to the next level. He’s also a big fan of Friedrich Nietzsche and a staunch opponent of the status quo on social media, which makes for a very interesting combination. We talk about coaching, business, sales, marketing, […]

Episode 4 – Adam Saez

episode 4 adam saez

Adam Saez is NOT a personal trainer and NOT a fitness guru, but a fitness coach and entrepreneur who helps busy professionals lose fat and build muscle without animal products. He’s also a savvy business owner and marketer who’s now living the dream as a digital nomad. We walk about how to find a niche […]

Episode 3 – Daniel Gniazdo

episode 3 daniel gniazdo

Daniel Gniazdo is an SEO and copywriting expert who’s been in charge of content marketing for Bluetooth headset manufacturer Jabra and event ticketing platform Billetto. Now he’s running the SEO Uplift agency and is about to teach a course on SEO content writing for Talent Garden. We talk about SEO, content writing, copywriting, client communication, […]

Episode 2 – Claudiu Jojatu

episode 2 claudiu jojatu

Claudiu Jojatu is a digital strategist, podcast host, amateur racecar driver, and the founder and CEO of the Milk & Cookies Studio. He’s also taught a course on advertising campaigns at the University of Bucharest and runs Viața de Freelancer, which is the largest freelance community in Romania. We talk about how to create a […]

Episode 1 – Joseph Pacheco

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Joseph Pacheco is a software engineer turned coach, startup advisor, content writer, and online course creator. He’s helped over 1400 software engineers land roles at companies like Apple and Dropbox, and his articles on tech topics have reached tens of thousands of readers online. We talk about how to organize your thoughts, overcome limiting beliefs, […]

Pilot Episode – Aaron Lee

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Aaron Lee works in project management for a rapidly growing SaaS startup with 20,000 employees, where he gets to wear a lot of hats. We talk about being a project manager, disorganized organizations, employee morale, how to build your CV from entry-level, inflated job titles, the SaaS industry, improvising BS during meetings, imposter syndrome, and […]

How to Find Your Brand Voice

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When it comes to marketing, it’s often not about what you say but how you say it. A brand voice can make the difference between memorable and forgettable content. So let’s get right into it… What’s a Brand Voice and Why Is It Important? Your brand voice is the equivalent of your personality, whereas your […]