A bit about you, me, and my team.

The mandatory 'about' section

All businesses have an About page on their website, and most of them use it to talk about anything else but the most important part…

The reader. 

So I want to take the opportunity to practice what I preach and start my own page with you before we get into anything about me.

About You and Your Business

You’re most likely the founder of a startup, the owner of an SME, or a marketing manager working for either kind of company.

Regardless, it’s your job to make sure potential customers discover your business, fall head over heels in love with it, and buy everything you have to offer.

And that’s not easy.

That’s because they’re bombarded with ads every waking moment. Most of these ads tell them to click here, subscribe to this, or buy that.

It becomes white noise… so they tune it out.

If you want to stand out, you need to tap into the emotional triggers that motivate people to act.

You need to know their deepest desires and their most dreaded fears. You need to communicate how your business will improve their lives.

That’s where I come in.

My job is to help you attract the right people to your business and turn them into loyal customers. I do that by learning as much as I can about your customers, your competitors, and your market. 

Going in blind will get you nowhere

So let’s start by looking at the big picture and creating a solid strategy. Once we’ve done that, we can put together the right content and choose the right channels.

About Me

You’re probably wondering what qualifies me to help you with all the things I just described — and that’s fair.

The short answer:

I’m good with people and pretty creative.

The long answer:

I’ve studied psychology, worked in sales, freelanced as a copywriter, and like to play around with music and video in my spare time. 

I’m not an expert in any of those fields, by the way.

But I’m a big proponent of what Scott Adams (the guy who created the Dilbert comic strip) calls “talent stacking.”

And I successfully applied my unique combination of skills to many different industries, until eventually…

I ran out of hands.

(I only have two.)

That’s why sometimes collaborate with some impressive people to produce great content together.

The circle is small by design.

But I’d love to grow it, slowly and steadily, so we can work with more exciting businesses at scale.

So far, we’ve helped hundreds of businesses attract customers, and they’re pretty chuffed about it.

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Worst case scenario, you’ll walk away with some free ideas. Best case scenario, you’ll be rich beyond your wildest dreams.